Archie and the gang visit Expo ’86

Julie recently discovered a comic book in her storage boxes. It’s “The World of Archie”, and is more or less propaganda for Expo ’86. She says that she bought her copy at the fair. I posted a photo of the cover on Twitter recently, and somebody asked me to scan it. So, here it is.


  1. Wow… I remember Expo. I was about seven years old and what I recall most vividly was that my face hurt from the grinning so hard during my first skytrain ride.

    That one memory has trumped everything else about expo.. I only have a faint impression of the flags in the plaza of nations.

  2. So many technology wonders was on this Expo86 that now we see as regular thing from our daily life.

    First time i read comics like this, but it’t very entertaining because people were seeing things differently

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