Pass the test and work at Nitobi

Nitobi, the Vancouver-based development shop, is one of our oldest clients. It’s been exciting to watch them grow from their origins as (gulp) eBusiness Applications, and see them take off with the world-class work that is PhoneGap. PhoneGap is an open-source development platform that’s been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and has a robust community around it.

It’s finally time for Nitobi to get some day-to-day marketing help in-house. We’re helping them hire for this position–a Marketing and PR Specialist.

If you work in the tech industry, you’re familiar with the unorthodox tactics companies use to attract technical talent. Whether it’s Electronic Arts’ ASCII billboards or Reddit’s solve-for-S-to-get-the-email-address approach, the developers get all the fun job applications.

I thought it’d be fun to set a slightly-higher-than-usual bar to submit your resume for this role. We really want to find the right person for Nitobi, after all. We’d also prefer not to wade through hundreds of unqualified resumes.

In order to apply for this job, applicants need to solve a skill-testing question. In fact, there are four questions they need to answer, but they need to get the first one right before they can access the rest of the application form.

It isn’t rocket science, but it will hopefully filter out some marketers who have never confronted, uh, math. Hopefully it’s also modestly unusual, so the posting might get spread around a bit.

Smart readers: please don’t post the answer in comments.


  1. Darn, I’m not looking for work but wanted to apply just to see how I did on the questions. I just love a quiz or puzzle.

  2. Not looking either, but I was curious to try it until I saw the question…there’s a reason I was an arts major, and that reason began with my grade 11 math teacher passing me out of pity. I hope they get some great applicants out of this!

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