To Derek

You’re on the gravel road now. And so it seemed like a good time to write and thank you for our relationship over the past decade or so. Though we see each other from time to time in real life, we’ve mostly talked through the mediums of our blogs. A couple of years ago I checked, and at the time you were the most frequent commenter on this site. That’s surely still the case.

One of the reasons I started writing on this site was to talk about ideas. Was that also the case for I suspect so. I have so enjoyed our online conversation and debate. It’s been respectful, vigorous and thought-provoking. Those exchanges are the thing I’ll miss most when you, far too soon, step into the clearing at the end of the road.

So many others have said it, but I’ve admired the clarity and bravery with which you’ve faced these terminal travails. May these last weeks or months be as comfortable and bright as they can be. And, in your passing, may you be surrounded by friends, family and sunlight.


  1. Appropriate that I comment first, I suppose.

    Thank you, Darren. I think our blogs have become what many early bloggers (even earlier than us) imagined this medium would become, but which really moved elsewhere to Facebook and Twitter. Which is fine: we’re just outliers of a certain style and time.

    To be honest, when I started updating via Blogger in 2000, I simply thought, “You mean I can AUTOMATE this crap?” It was only later that it became by journal and a focus for what I was doing.

    But it has been a fun thing, hasn’t it?

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