Thanks for the jersey

Last night was an mix of emotions for this sports fan. First, there was the collapse of the Canadian World Junior team in Buffalo, New York. It was dismaying, but it’s probably good for the Canadian hockey psyche to remind ourselves that, you know, other nations are pretty good at the frozen game, too.

As the game ended, we rushed out to get to the Canucks-Flames game. It followed the (refreshingly typical) pattern of the Canucks doing just enough to win, beating the Flames 3-1 while being outshot 44-21. Roberto Luongo was, to use the colloquial, seriously pissed to lose his much-deserved shutout with about 10 seconds in the game.

The icing on the Canucks victory was that I won a signed Henrik Sedin jersey. During the game, the Canucks displayed a call to action on the big screen–tweet your section, row and seat to @VanCanucks, and one lucky winner gets a jersey. I did so, and huzzah!

As with most celebrities, Sedin’s signature is not more than an abstract scrawl. Sort of “hd sd”.

I took a professional interest in what my odds of winning were. I did a quick count on Twitter, and based on my very quick calculation, it looked like about 250 people entered the contest. The attendance to the game was 18,860, so that means about 1.2% of fans tweeted. That seems like a good result, in light of the fact that the message was displayed only once on the big screen.

In any case, thanks to the Canucks organization for the jersey!

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