Three bits of good environmental news

Lately I’ve been listening to the cast recording of “Next to Normal”, a musical I saw this summer in New York. One of the songs begins:

HENRY: Our planet is poisoned, the oceans, the air,
around, beneath and above you.
NATALIE: Um, Henry, that’s true, and I totally care.
HENRY: I’m trying to tell you, I love you.

Clunky, in a Broadway sort of way (later, there’s funny line, “you’ve got some nerve, Henry, and I’m just all nerves”), but also emblematic of the daily news we hear about the environment. We rarely hear good news about our planet. So here are a three positive news items I’ve encountered this week:


  1. Alex and I caught Next to Normal in 2009 – absolutely loved it, although it wrecked us for the night. (Try having a cheery, carefree dinner on the town after THAT.)

    1. Indeed, I believe we saw it partially on Alex’s recommendation. I didn’t find it quite so moving, but then I have a wizened heart of granite.

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