Two Pictures of Mistakes

I was walking through the Waterfront Canada Line station and spotted this big ad for Steamworks on the wall.

I don’t want to pick on arts majors (for I am one of them), but I fear the copywriter and graphic designer could have spent more time in science class:

It’s either 119 seconds, or just “1:59”. “1:59 seconds” is sort of redundant, and sort of just wrong.

I recently bought a camera (a Canon T2i) from London Drugs, and received this coupon book. Does this qualify as a Photoshop Disaster?

It’s particularly odd that they put that starburst over a, uh, particularly close eagle.


  1. HA! These are just a few in a sea of graphic design mistakes. How do you rate your Canon T2i? I am considering this as a Christmas gift to myself.

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