Two Pictures of Mistakes

I was walking through the Waterfront Canada Line station and spotted this big ad for Steamworks on the wall.

I don’t want to pick on arts majors (for I am one of them), but I fear the copywriter and graphic designer could have spent more time in science class:

It’s either 119 seconds, or just “1:59”. “1:59 seconds” is sort of redundant, and sort of just wrong.

I recently bought a camera (a Canon T2i) from London Drugs, and received this coupon book. Does this qualify as a Photoshop Disaster?

It’s particularly odd that they put that starburst over a, uh, particularly close eagle.

Written by dbarefoot

Darren Barefoot is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He’s the co-founder of Capulet Communications, and co-author of “Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook”.


  1. HA! These are just a few in a sea of graphic design mistakes. How do you rate your Canon T2i? I am considering this as a Christmas gift to myself.

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