I’m Growing a Novembeard for Movember

Movember is the annual excuse to grow ridiculous facial hair masquerading as a charity event. As you no doubt know, it’s a month-long moustache-growing-thon where people raise money for prostrate prostate cancer and related men’s health issues.

James cajoled me into becoming an assistant captain for the Digital Vancouver team. I’m not sure what being assistant captain involves, but there it is. If you’re a Vancouverite and participating in Movember, feel free to join our team.

But here’s the thing. I’ve never had more than three or four days of facial hair growth my entire life. So, I thought it would be fun to grow a Novembeard for the month, and maybe shave it down to a moustache on the last day.

That’s the plan. I did the big Shave Down today, so that I can start the month with a clean slate. Here’s a bad photo, just to document Day #1.

I’ve been looking around at beards over the past few days, and asking bearded men about grooming practices and such. Should I grow a Sedin? Or maybe A Galifianakis? The latter is a tall order for 30 days, methinks.

I’m going to try to raise $1000 this month. You know what that means? If you can spare a few dollars (or, you know, more than a few) for men’s health research, please consider donating. I’d be much obliged. Plus, you know, they’re tax deductible.

On a related note, I’m also looking for facial hair grooming advice and best beard practices. All opinions welcome.


  1. Congrats on growing the mo. I did it last year, but there was a fair amount of friction from the various family members. Mine last year also apparently made me look like William H Macy from ‘Fargo’. I’m still not sure if that is a good or a bad thing… so I’m going to pass this year. However, Darren, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but from the FAQ on the website:

    Are goatees or beards allowed?

    The definition of a Moustache:

    1. There is to be no joining of the Mo to side burns – That’s a beard.
    2. There is to be no joining of the handlebars – That’s a goatee.
    3. A small complimentary growth under the bottom lip is allowed (aka a tickler).

    Remember, it’s Movember, not ‘Beardvember’ or ‘Goateevember’

    Just sayin’

    Best of luck with it – would love to see pictures.


    1. Hah. Well, I’ve always been a bit of a rule-breaker. I’m sure they’ll take my money at the end of the month.

      Photos will follow.

  2. I decided to contribute half upfront as a sign of good faith that your hair effort will be worth the donation. If I am satisfied with your effort and pleased with the resulting pictures I may be induced to double down.

  3. Always feel a bit left out, because I can’t/am too lazy to/won’t shave my beard to start a new one at the start of November.

    Oh well. I’ll just pick something else to be (more) manly at for the rest of the month. Maybe I’ll go be a lumberjack.

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