Let’s Ride the Intestinal Bus

I don’t like to poke fun at the folks at Granville Island, because they’re good people. But, c’mon, didn’t anybody consider that a cluster of red onions cabbage also might look like, I don’t know, innards? I think the effect is more striking from a distance, but I was right next to the bus when I snapped this photo:

How does one avoid this kind of error? All you need is a little ad hoc focus group. Show the mock-ups to 20 people who are going to give you their honest opinion. Ideally these people don’t work for you.

Of course, it could be worse. You could have designed a web overlay ad for a game with this result.


  1. Not onions, cabbage.

    Which, as anyone who eats a lot (or lives with someone who eats a lot) knows, makes the unintentional intestinal thing quite amusing.

  2. The ad made you look, made you notice, made you blog with a mention of the client’s name. Mission accomplished, I say.

    1. The assumption that “any press is good press” is, in my opinion, a faulty one. I’d imagine that if you asked the folks at Granville Island Public Market whether they’d want me to write this blog post or not, they’d go with ‘no, thank you’.

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