Let’s Pick Another Kiva Entrepeneur

Last year, we raised a little money on this site, and picked a farmer in Nicaragua (among others) to loan it to. He apparently now co-owns a rice thresher, and all is well.

From that money and some other loans I’ve since had repaid, there’s $285 in my Kiva account. Let’s pick a new entrepreneur to whom we’ll loan some money.

Kiva satisfies the demands of individuals so quickly that it’s impractical for me to list individual possible recipients. Instead, I thought I’d look at some countries with lots of potential entrepreneurs, and ask you to vote on which nation you’d like to support. Then I’ll pick one or more recipients, and Bob’s your uncle. Please vote below:

To what country should we send our Kiva money?Market Research

I’ll check back in a couple of days and see which nation we ended up with. Hopefully there will be available loans in that country then (as there are for each of these seven nations now).

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UPDATE: Mongolia is the winner. I’ll close this poll and chose one or more Mongolian entrepreneurs.

UPDATE #2: I chose Togoo Budhuu, a cobbler in Ulaanbaatar. She was $275 away from having her loan fully funded, so I used our money there, and donated $5 to Kiva for good measure. Here’s a description of Ms. Budhuu’s work:

Togoo Budhuu lives with her husband and nineteen year-old daughter in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Her daughter, Sarnai, attends a university. Togoo manages a traditional Mongolian shoe-making business. She began her business by producing traditional boots in 1999, and has built a stable business operation. Her products are very popular among her customers due to their good quality and unique style, and she has gained many permanent customers, especially from neighboring countrysides. She makes her boots in her mother-in-law’s home. She has made and stored a large quantity of children’s boots.

Togoo’s earnings have enabled her to raise her standard of living as well as expand her business. Moreover, she has used her earnings to purchase a new house with a fence. She is a very hardworking woman who says “Now, I will make more traditional adult boots and store them for future sale.” She is requesting a 2,000,000 MNT loan to buy raw materials and grow her working capital.


  1. Although I have voted to express my country preference, whichever country ends up winning, I’d be happiest if we were to support women entrepreneurs. Just my 2¢! Thanks Darren for keeping this going. Cheers.

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