Caught by Facebook Spam

Incidentally, if you got a message from me in the last half-hour or so that looks like this, don’t click any of the links. I received this from a known Facebook friend, but clearly I should have worked a little harder to parse the title.

I think was just on autopilot. Bastard spammers. Eternal vigilance, and all that:

I subsequently received another similar message from another successfully-phished friend, though this one was for the even stranger sounding “Home Income Time”. Dear me.


  1. I was wondering why you sent me a Facebook invite to “Make M-o-n-e-y with Me.” Didn’t seem like something you’d send!

  2. My question is, are they e-mail invites from the Facebook domain? Or are they phishing e-mails using Facebook as its mask? I ask because if it’s from Facebook’s domain then I believe you can report that.

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