Boring Site Note: Facebook Like and Tweet Buttons

As you may have noticed, I (or rather my designer) have added Facebook Like and a Twitter, uh, Tweet button in the upper-right of each blog post. I really haven’t made any changes to this site’s design for a couple of years, so I thought it was high time to try these out.

If you’re so inclined, please try the buttons out. I’m going to post something tomorrow which will be, I think, more shareable than this boring note. If you love, hate or are indifferent to them, let me know.


    1. Yeah, I’m aware of button proliferation too, but I figured I’d try just the two and see if people use them.

      Incidentally, this isn’t Facebook Connect. It’s relatively new Like Button functionality. If you ‘like’ something, it does appear in the news feed, but there’s permanent connection as there was with Connect.

  1. Mashable (or Techcrunch or Techvibes… I can’t keep them straight) had a story a month ago saying that the Facebook Like button was driving traffic increases of 50%.

    My own measly site traffic went up about 25% consistently after installing it.

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