Two Unrelated Photos

I was at Terra Breads the other day, and spotted this sign. If you ask me, the diction of the first sentence feels overly precise:

There’s such a thing as being too correct. Their breakfast paninis, however, are tasty.

While at Gnomedex, I noticed that the conference centre had removed their pay phones from their phone nook. I don’t really mourn their loss, as the barrier to entry for a cell phone is so low.


  1. Perhaps the first sentence is an “in-joke” to those awesome Terra Breads customers who are smart enough to know that “panini” is the plural. Making someone feel smart is a fine way to do business…

  2. The barrier of entry for a cell phone is not actually that low in Canada. Even going on a pay-as-you-go plan, the cheapest phone I could find over on Bell Mobility is $70 before taxes, and prepaid plans run about $12-20 per month because you have to keep a balance on your phone.

    For somebody who’s having a hard time becoming financially stable, that’s an awful lot to pay every month, for the privilege of making a phone call.

    I see the decline of payphones as a step in the wrong direction, putting the financially disadvantage at further disadvantage by decreasing their available venues for communication.

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