How To Find Unsecured Web Cams With Google

Today, via Reddit, I learned a fun game. You can find the world’s unsecured web cams by doing a search like this. That is, you just search for this in Google:


I gather this is a standard URL structure for one or more popular web cam software packages.

The results you get are this random set of views into the world. Here’s a back deck on a lake in Ontario. Here’s a traffic circle in Russia. Here’s the quad at Dartmouth College. Here’s a server room in Italy (that poor plant–hopefully it’s fake).

None of those sound fascinating, now that I look at that list, but your mileage may vary. Disclaimer: don’t hold me accountable if you see anything you didn’t want to see.

Is it ethical to peak into this cameras? A tricky question, because in many cases people want to share this view. For others, though, they may have simply failed to add password protection to their setup. What do you think?

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