Who’s Earned the Most Free PR from the World Cup? Larissa Riquelme

Don’t worry, I had no idea who she was until last week either. It turns out she’s a Paraguayan lingerie model (that site is moderately unsafe for work and has cheesy auto-playing music). However, she recently rose to fame (or, at least Internet fame) as an eager fan of Paraguay’s World Cup team. She’s been photographed in a rather snug Paraguay jersey cheering fervently for her nation’s team. Her outfit apparently had no pockets, as her phone (a Nokia E71, in case you were wondering) was conspicuously nestled in her bosom.

Here is the most safe for work photo I could find of her:

She must have a savvy publicist. It’s an obvious strategy, I suppose, to position an attractive model at an event in close proximity to many (male) photographers. The bonus here has been Paraguay’s surprising run of success. They beat Japan to get to the quarter-finals. They face Spain on Saturday, and they’re likely to lose.

Millions of fans are hoping otherwise, of course. Because Ms. Riqulme has promised to run naked through the streets of Asuncion in the unlikely event that Paraguay wins the World Cup. This is an another savvy PR trick, riffing on a similar promise that famous (and, I should add, portly and middle-aged) footballing legend and Argentinian coach Diego Maradona made.

Unfortunately, the odds favour Maradona’s nude run.


    1. I was going to make a joke about the Nokia feeling at home next to so much silicon, but, uh, well, now I have.

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