An Awesomified World Cup Schedule

Regular readers will note that lately I’ve become interested in information visualization and infographics. I have no more than a layman’s knowledge, but I’m a huge fan of how a great infographic (whether interactive or not) can succinctly illustrate a whole bushel (that’s right, I said ‘bushel’) of information.

The latest example is this amazing World Cup schedule. It gracefully enables you to explore a complex schedule–32 teams, 30 days, 10 venues, 64 games–along a number of axes.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m pretty psyched for the forthcoming tournament. More so, even, than our recent Winter Olympics. Given that neither Canada (no surprise there) and Ireland (Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints) made the finals, I’m supporting Cote D’Ivoire this year. They’re in the Group of Death, but I’m hoping that playing on their home continent for the first time will enable them to get out of the group.

Are you going to watch the World Cup? What team are you supporting?


  1. Gotta go with Slovenia. I think they would be considered an underdog.
    The schedule is amazing. The only thing I could ask for is a ‘time zone’ field where you could fill in your time zone and the start times would be adjusted for you locally.

    Did the City of Vancouver see their way clear to allow liquor sales before 11am? I understand there was some pressure from some patrons who like to watch their football with a pint in their hands, no matter what the time of day. Hard to blame them, really…

  2. “Recently” become enamored with infographics? 🙂

    Yes, that’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in quite a while.

  3. For a long time I’ve supported Argentina & Holland. Since India can’t get a squad in ever, I guess it’s the same for this World Cup. Ole, ole, ole!

  4. Watching soccer is about as exciting now as watching grass grow at BMO field in Toronto was last year. (fyi: until this year, BMO field was artificial turf.)

  5. It’s so hard to decide this time around. So many strong teams! However, this time I’m following my heart and going with Portugal as one of their goalkeeper’s is Daniel Fernandes, born in Edmonton and raised in East Vancouver! His father is portuguese born and so was able to get on the squad via that citizenship. Nice to have a local guy to cheer on!! 🙂

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