Idea du Jour: Auctioning Off Not Blogging

I was out of town with some friends this weekend, and–I forget how–this idea arose in conversation. The premise is simple enough: bloggers, tweeters, tumblr users (is there a short form for them?) and video makers run a charity auction. They commit to not blog (or tweet or whatever) for a day or week for a given amount donated to charity.

So, I might say “for every $10 you give to charity, I will not blog for a day. $50 buys you a week of my not blogging.”

It’s kind of the absurd reverse of the 24-hour blogathon, and is a cousin of that banned Burger King Facebook app that rewarded you for ‘unfriending’ ten people.

Feeling passive-aggressive rage at a particular political blogger with whom you disagree? Or maybe you want more face time with a blogging spouse or relative? If you were a blogger who felt particularly competitive, you could buy an advantage over fellow bloggers by turning them off for a week or two.

It’s not world-changing, but it feels like the kind of upside-down idea that might have legs. What do you think?


  1. Hmm. Kind of falls flat for me… but then again I am not a blogger and don’t see the exchange in the same way as a blogger might – the blogging community may well see it differently.

    I should admit that while recently installing a floor I disconnected my home PC for a week and found it to be a surprisingly liberating experience.

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