Dear Fossil

I recently bought a new version of your Multicard – Jack Winston wallet. I’ve had several of your front pocket wallets with the magnetic flap.

I was disappointed to discover that, unlike earlier models that I owned, the outward facing side of my new wallet’s flap is magnetized. This means that while in my front pocket, it collects coins which tend to become dislodged and fall to the ground when I remove my wallet from my pocket.

Hopefully this photo illustrates the difference between my old Fossil wallet and my new one:

Old Wallet, New Wallet

Have you recently made a design change to this kind of wallet? In which models does this not occur? For that matter, why does it occur in any model?

Cue Grandpa Simpson voice: “When I was young, my wallet 2.0 didn’t collect coins like it was a rummy at a hootenanny!”

Richard and I refer to these wallets as “wallet 2.0”, because we think they’re a vast improvement on the original.


  1. Not to mention the problems you will have if you put any credit cards, debit cards or access cards into this wallet. Bye bye magnetic strip information.

    1. You know, everyone says that, but (having owned three or four of these wallets), it’s never happened.

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