Clothes by Mail

I prefer not to look like a total slob, but I don’t particularly like shopping. I seriously considered using Trunk Club, a service where a virtual shopper buys me clothes, sends them to me, and I choose what I want to keep and pay for. I’ve also been meaning to try out IndoChino for years.

I haven’t gone that far yet (though I think it’s coming). In the meantime, I’ve outsourced some of my more casual shopping using two services. The first is the famed t-shirt company (and crowdsourcing case study) Threadless. I joined the Threadless 12 Club, a service which sends me a t-shirt a month for about CAN $250. I just received the first one:

Threadless T-Shirt #1

I also recently discovered Manpacks, a service that will mail me socks, underwear and basic t-shirts periodically. I’m getting two of each every three months. Again, my first shipment just arrived:

Man Pack

I see they’re doing their social media monitoring, too.

The socks and t-shirts are black, while the underwear are, uh, of various colours. That adds a frisson of unpredictability to each order. This latter service reminded me of 10socks, a Danish company that will ship you ten pairs of numbered socks. I discovered, tried and reported on those socks six (six? six!) years ago.


  1. Business opportunity for anyone out there: some women hate shopping too. Please make a Trunk-club-esque service for us!

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