A State of the Union From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

As regular readers know, I have an ongoing interest in the transforming landscape of journalism and the media. On Twitter today (I’m afraid I lost track of the originating tweet), I spotted this five-minute video featuring the executive producer of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A year ago, they were the first major metropolitan newspaper to go online-only.

They now operate with a staff of twenty, apparently garnering nearly the same number of monthly readers as they did when they had a print edition. The video is pretty self-promotional, but it’s an interesting view into a newish model of professional journalism:

Is it me, or does the staff at the Seattle P-I look a lot younger than the average newsroom?

The lead person on the journalism side has the surprisingly fresh title of ‘Executive Producer’. That feels more contemporary than, say, ‘Editor in Chief’. I also noticed that she referred to the Seattle P-I as a ‘company’, which isn’t what I’d expect to hear from newspaper professionals.

UPDATE: Oddly, it looks like the video has been removed. I’ll try to track it down.


  1. Hold on, are you saying that a major daily newspaper is financially succeeding as an online-only enterprise? And that the same number of people who subscribed to the print and online edition merely switched to to an all-online edition? No rate drop? Did all the advertisers hang around too? I haven’t seen the video, but wouldn’t this be the elusive holy grail newspapers have been yearning for? Call me skeptical.

    1. In the video, they said they were “on track with revenues”. Which doesn’t mean profitable, just that they claim to be heading in the right direction.

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