And the Nation Micturated in Unison

In a clever bit of PR, the folks at Edmonton’s water utility, EPCOR, released this chart showing city water consumption during the gold medal hockey game last weekend (click for a slightly larger version):

Water Usage During the Gold Medal Hockey Game

I wonder if there will be any impact on other parts of our lives? Will there be a small blip in the number of babies born nine months from now?

Small, related marketing lesson: I originally found this graphic on a couple of blogs. I genuinely tried to find its original source on EPCOR’s website, but couldn’t. Google was no help either. When you’ve got a clever idea that gets some legs like this, make sure that people can discover and link to its original context easily.


  1. The city of Vancouver did something like this a few years back for Canucks games. If I can find the source, I’ll post it.

  2. *That* is the most awesome water use (we all know it isn’t “consumption”) chart I have ever seen. Talk about the most indisputable proof that this is a hockey-mad nation.

    Water utilities across Canada should unite to make poster with the chart from each city and sell it with profits to supporting kids hockey. I’d totally buy one.

  3. And yes, I contributed to that 2nd FB spike, from my seat overlooking Luongo’s left shoulder. 😀

  4. Well, the fact that popular sport games will result in spikes of water use and power consumption si well known for decades. First I heard this in school some 30 years ago.
    However I would assume that the spikes will less clearly because nowadays people tent to a more individual life style. So the amazing point to me is that this still works.

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