Advertising on Bathroom Mirrors

I’ve written before about the incursion of advertising into new public (if privately-owned) spaces. The most recent example was video screens in the back seats of taxis. The other day I was having dinner at the old-school-in-a-charming-way Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown. I went to the bathroom, and looked up at the mirror while washing my hands.

The whole mirror was turned into an advertising display. Sections of the mirror displayed a series of static slide images that culminated in an ad for Absolut vodka:

Bathroom at Hamilton Street Grill

I know I sound like an eighty-year-old curmudgeon, but really? The bathroom mirror? This–along with the aforementioned taxi cab screens and video ads above urinals–are particularly frustrating because they’re forced, at closed range, right into my eye line. They are difficult to ignore.

They’re a heinous and idiotic intrusion, particularly when I’ve already paid for dinner or a cab ride. Such advertising only encourages me to not only boycott the products advertised, but also the business that shows me the ads.


    1. Nope, in this case, I didn’t. I often do, but I didn’t care to disturb my pleasant dinner with a possibly unpleasant conversation with the manager (I’ll take your word on their peach-dom, but I didn’t know that at the time).

  1. Utterly tacky. People should know that the taxi screens can be turned off by drivers at your request, but when I have time I refuse rides in cabs that carry them. My ride, my attention, and if there are ads I get to ride for free or get paid. Period.

  2. are you all serious? this is the future of Digital Advertising .. of advertising in general! long since has passed the days that everyone reads the newspapers or magazines.

    And this “FORCE VIEWING” you speak of, being in your eye line.. that’s EXACTLY what they are suppose to do.

    Perhaps before you continue your rants about “stupid, and idiotic, or tacky” you should do your home work!

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