Checking In on Nikki Yanofsky

About two years, I wrote about the very young chanteuse Nikki Yanofsky. Commenters rightfully pointed out at the time that she was an impressive if non-amazing singer.

I was reminded of Ms. Yanofsky recently, so I thought I’d see what progress she’d made in the last two years. Here’s an MSNBC profile that suggests her fame is increasing (hilariously, you can hear her ask her mother “why does Daddy have Twitter?”):

And here she is singing at Carnegie Hall.

I’m lousy at predictions, but I could definitely see her fitting into the Norah Jones (here’s Ms. Yanofsky covering Jones’s “Don’t Know Why”) and Diana Krall easy-listening vein. Maybe she doesn’t achieve the same level of fame, but it’s worth noting that both of those singers are easy on the eyes, and Ms. Yanofsky is also pretty (he says, trying to sound as non-creepy as possible). There are no doubt hundreds of as good or better teenage singers in Canada, but few probably have the same savvy parental support and good looks.

I see that Nikki Yanofsky is also the singer of CTV’s ultra-cheesy Vancouver 2010 song, “I Believe”. I suppose that’s good press, in a David Foster kind of way.


  1. Hope this doesn’t sound crass (or worse), but I think if she’s going to attain fame on the level of Jones or Krall, she’ll only do it under a different name.

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