Nataly Dawn and Pomplamoose

For reasons I don’t remember, the other day I was looking up the song “Book of Love” by The Magnetic Fields. While poking around YouTube, I found this delightful cover by one Nataly Dawn:

She’s got a whole fagile-voiced Regina SpektorFeist thing going on that, given my taste for female singer-songwriters, appeals. She has an album out, and I gather she’s a bit of a YouTube star. You can learn more about her on her MySpace page.

I’m kind of fascinated by the split-screen, deconstructed style of the video. It’s a classic example of turning a constraint–no band or recording studio–into a virtue.

Heading down the Internet rabbit hole, I also discovered that Ms. Dawn is one half of Pomplamoose. They’ve got a bunch of tunes on YouTube, and they’re mostly videos shot and edited in this same style. It must be pretty time-consuming to cut together, say, this version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”:


  1. I think I just had a testosterone bomb go off inside me. Every cell in my body has a b*ner for this chick! Lust at first sight, to say the least…

  2. This is too funny. For a while I thought I was the only one that hat it hard for Nataly, I would dream dirty dreams on the nights of seeing her on the Hyundai commercials. I am glad to find I am not the only one who finds her extremely sexy.

  3. I’d buy a Hyundai just cause of this commercial. She is a sexy one alright. Guess, I’m not the only one now, huh.

  4. The doe-eyed thing bugs me, too. Mostly, I just hate the singing off key on multiple tracks to be really annoying. She hits it okay occasionally, but not often enough for me to care for it.

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