Henrik is Way Hotter

Somebody on Twitter mentioned that “the Canucks game just got way more interesting”, so I visited TEAM 1040’s website to listen to the end of the game (it’s a pay-per-view game, so there’s no regular TV broadcast. I’m happy to pay for a game occasionally, but not when it’s Phoenix.). TEAM 1040 is running a web poll at the moment, asking “Who is the hottest Canuck?”. Check out the results:

Henrik is Way Hotter Than Daniel

For those readers who are not hockey fans, Daniel and Henrik Sedin are identical twins. They look like this:

Though he looks about 15, I’d say Raymond deserves the lead. Here he is sandwiched between Rebecca and Alanah (the photo is by John):


  1. Swedish twins! 🙂 Isn’t that what dreams are made of!?

    If I have to choose, yes–Mason Raymond would get my vote.

  2. This is one of the strangest posts I’ve seen you write. You’re a heterosexual man, and therefore are not supposed to have any knowledge about whether other guys are hot or not. This is why I never let my straight male friends set me up on dates, because they’re always with ugly dudes.

    I don’t get your obsession with the supposed ugliness of the Sedin twins (you’ve tweeted about that at least once, I think). What’s so ugly about them? I think they’re quite cute. Blue eyes, too!

    That Raymond guy isn’t really smiling in that photo, anyways. He looks like he’s in pain.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t claim to have the final word on male hotness, but I don’t think I’m totally unqualified to comment.

      I’ve been watching a lot of Canucks games recently, and the Sedins feature prominently in the between-period coverage. They have enormous, oddly-shaped heads (so do I, so I know when I see one) and goofy beards.

  3. I hate to be Mr. Obvious, but are you sure the poll isn’t asking who’s the “hottest” in the context of “who’s playing the best right now”?

  4. I see that reading all my blog postings about the hotness of various hockey players is rubbing off on you!

    And I agree – the Sedins are fugly, fugly men. Their bulbous heads are not made any better by their goofy beards.

  5. I’m surprised hirsute and Italianate Mr. Luongo isn’t higher on the list. Assuming that it is about attractive hotness, and not hockey playing hot streakness, as DJR suggests. In which case he might still top the list.

    Um, anyone want to get all objectifying on the 2010 Canadian Women‘s Olympic hockey team?

    1. Ewww! Luongo, while a great goalie, is not a good looking man. Too greasy! And, as you point out, hirsute. Ick.

      As for the Women’s Olympic hockey team, I’ll need pics of them!

      1. Here you go. Alas, I don’t have a key of names. But I’d say, on average, they’re WAY better looking than the Canucks. Then again, I’m a straight male, and it’s probably true for any random group of women vs. men anyway.

      2. There are definitely some cute woman on that team. But no one I’d call as cute as, say, Patrick Kane or Jon Toews (not Canucks, but there really aren’t that many hottie Canucks at the moment if the truth be told). But then, I’m a straight female, so I guess that shows my bias!

  6. I’m semi-ashamed now to say that I thought both the Sedins were hot (and for the record, as an openly gay man, I think I have a very good basis for judging how handsome a man is – the above said, I also think that perfectly heterosexual men can judge how handsome a man is. It’s a question of aesthetics, not of sexual orientation).

    Anyways – I have reconsidered my position and I don’t think the Sedins are actually hot. But I do recognize that there are other male hockey players who are pretty damn hot. Taylor Pyatt, I’m looking at you.

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