A Troika of Inspiring Videos

As regular readers know, I’m working on the TckTckTck campaign, fighting for a fair, ambitious and binding deal on climate change in Copenhagen. We’re in the second, final week of negotiations and things are heating up. This past weekend, the campaign organized a third global day of action. It featured over 3000 events–candlelight vigils, marches, protests and so forth–in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The previous two days, by Avaaz on September 21 and 350.org on October 24, were similar in scale.

In each case, there’s been a video hastily produced that seeks to document the day and further inspire the climate change movement. Together, they tell the story of global climate action over the past six months, and look pretty slick doing it.


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  2. Obviously, many developed countries to evade their responsibilities or in reducing the burden of climate。The agreements are difficult to reach agreement.the fundamental reason is that the interests of all countries.

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