The Oddest Christmas Video You’ll See All Day

Oddly, Bob Dylan has a Christmas album out this year. It’s actually a benefit album for the UN’s World Food Programme and Crisis, a UK-based charity. Dylan covers 15 holiday classics, including this rousing number:

Is that wig meant to be more Scrooge or more Rastafarian? Hard to say.

I was reminded about this album by a recent episode of the Slate Cultural Gabfest. They rightfully raise the spectre of whether or not Dylan is once again having us all on. Robert Allen Zimmerman was born a notorious trickster, so I’m curious to know how much he actually believes in the project. But, heck, the whole thing is for charity, so it’s a question best left to the academics.


  1. It is interesting.It attrack me for some time.I don’t know more about the odd Christmas before I came through here.Thanks guys

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