Three Made-in-Vancouver Web Series

Over the past week, I’ve been contacted about three new (or at least newish) web series. Vancouverites will recognize a bunch of locations in these first two. The first is a comedy called The Jim–here’s a teaser (rated PG for strong language):

The second is The Vetala, and seems to be a bit X-Files-esque. Aesthetically, this feels heavily influenced by Battlestar Galactica. Here’s the first episode:

The third is the slickest of the three, kind of a sci-fi show featuring a girl and her wolf entitled Riese. Again, the first episode–note the great costuming:

Here’s a Georgia Straight piece about Riese.


  1. “The Jim” looks like something I worked on a few years ago called “Burn.”

    “The Vetala” is gorier than it needs to be. Too much wet. Ew.

    “Riese” looks really interesting. I love that there’s only two lines in 9 minutes.

    1. Hi Gillian,

      I’m Ryan and I’m one of the co-creator/writers of The Jim. I wanted to say thanks for checking out the show. Being that you’re a writer you can imagine it’s been an interesting road as far as writing in a 5-8 minute format, trying to tell a story in short time, etc etc. Be sure to stay tuned in for Episode 1, which we’ll be airing on Mon Nov 23rd. Long live The Pacific Theatre!

      Thanks Again,


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