In Defence of My Pictionary Skills

I recently participated in a game of Pictionary. My team came second (or “first loser” as somebody described it), despite the fact that we had four arts degrees between us.

I was given a particularly challenging word to draw, and I thought I did a smashing job of it. My team disagreed. Travis kindly snapped a photo. My rendering is everything above my finger–we did multiple drawings on every sheet of paper. Can you guess the word? Click for super-sizing:

Hmm…in retrospect it’s not really that clear. Though, in my defense, two people from another team guessed what I was on about.

UPDATE: The correct answer is ‘taxidermy’. So maybe I failed. I did like an alternative suggestion I received by email: “Dance dance critter death edition”, which seems to be in the ballpark of correct.


  1. On the left: An angel (with a protruding butt or potbelly) is holding wings over two squirrels on a table.

    On the right: two or more stick figure people trying to (needlessly, one would think) push a woman down a vertical surface.

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