An Unforeseen Side Effect of Pedestrianization

The other day I was scheduling a meeting at the sushi restaurant on Granville Street that’s really near Cherry Bomb and Fluevog. I couldn’t remember the name–maybe I never knew it–so I brought up Google Street View to have a look.

When I went to drag the little Street View orange man over Granville Street, it didn’t turn blue like the rest of the map:

That’s because, earlier this year, when the Google Street View car drove by, Granville Street was under construction or otherwise restricted to pedestrian traffic.

This isn’t that big a deal here, but what about the great pedestrianized streets of Europe and Asia? I’m thinking here of Dublin’s Grafton and Henry Streets, which are long and restricted to walkers and cyclists.

Maybe Google needs to expand into other vehicles. A Google Street View tricycle, perhaps? Or maybe something mounted on a human, like a four-way SteadiCam?


  1. It will be interesting to see which sites are nominated for the Google Trike; even though they’re only taking suggestions in the USA, I still suggested Stanley Park & the seawall…I think it will only be a matter of time before the trike goes International! Now, off to explore LEGOland California!

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