Google Street View Lands in Vancouver

About six months ago, I wrote about seeing the Google Street View camera car drive past. When Google’s street-level photo feature was implemented in Vancouver, I figured I might show up. Unfortunately, the patio tables out front at Subeez are empty (it’s clearly much earlier in the day), so I didn’t make the cut.

Of course, I immediately became interested in other familiar Vancouver spots:


  1. I just created short URLs for the street views of my parents’ and my house, so when we give people directions, there’s an easy link to show them what the place looks like in addition to where it is.

  2. While I was pleased that Tsawwassen was included in the Street View mapping, curiously they have ended everything just above 1 Avenue. They don’t do 1 Avenue nor anything south of it (which exists, though there are many points at which they border on Point Roberts and the US).

    I’m assuming this is some kind of border related issue as if you look across the southern part of the map, it seems to end within 50-100m of the border. Kind of annoying that houses and streets that are allowed to exist there aren’t allowed to appear on Google Street View most likely because of some security concern.

  3. After you wrote the original post, I remembered seeing the Google car myself some months ago. I checked it last week and there I am, walking down the street (although it only shows me from the back and in the next camera view along the street I am nowhere to be seen). I assume they did not want to show my face.

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