Those Are Some Cynical Book Covers

I was in a bookstore at Pearson Airport today. I was just killing time, and I noticed the usual display of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels with their stark black covers and gothic fonts. Er, hang on. I looked a little closer:

Very Similar Covers

They’re an entirely different set of vampire werewolf novels by Kelley Armstrong. Is it me, or do those books look a little too much like the Twilight covers? Here’s the cover of Eclipse, the third Twilight novel, for comparison:

Cover of Twilight Book

Right down to the wide kerning (or is that tracking? I never know) on the author’s name, eh? Doesn’t the design of Ms. Armstrong’s book covers seem like an incredibly cynical attempt to trade on Twilight’s success?


  1. And if the change sells a bunch of copies, I’m sure the author and publisher and store will be happy.

    I think the same thing has happened with the look of movies. Ever since the Lord of the Rings films popularized the grey, Mistes Of Olde Tyme™ appearance (applied as a sort of digital “wash” to every frame, and emerging from a similar look in The Matrix), it seems no action-adventure film, from Harry Potter to The Chronicles of Narnia to Wolverine to Underworld, can appear anything but the same.

    If Speed Racer hadn’t sucked so much, I would have admired it for at least being willing to use colour.

  2. They also share publishers: both are published in the UK by Little, Brown, & Co. In Canada, Random House publishes Kelley Armstrong’s books and Meyer’s audio books. Not a coincidence!

  3. Yup, along with every other teen book cover. The Wuthering Heights link posted above is a perfect example.

    It’s no surprise that every kind of media is trying to piggyback off Twilight’s success… the revamped (no pun intended) book covers, the new teen vampire TV series popping up everywhere… the vampire MMO games advertising on every Twilight site.


  4. @Donna: Better covers and writing? Grow up, would you? And quit sounding just like a side-tacking fangirl. All she/he did was compare covers (who wrote the article), they never said “Which is better . . . ?”

    Grow up!

  5. It doesn’t matter if they look alike. Kelley Armstrongs book were out and better way before Twilight was. At least Kelley’s book have a great storyline. One that makes sense and isn’t depressing.

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