Select Quotes From Gnomedex

For the fifth time, I’ve been at Gnomedex this weekend. It’s the usual melange of fascinating speakers, good friends and general nerdiness. Derek aptly described it as “a web society annual family reunion”.

I’ve been collecting a few of the better quotes I’ve heard over the past two days, and thought I’d share:

Phil Plait: “You know what you call alternative medicine when it works? Medicine.”

Phil Plait: “Your lips say 0, but your eyes say 1”.

Todd Friesen: “Pay Per Click = PPC = ‘Pills, Porn, and Casinos'”

Chris Brogan: “Twitter is a good way to tell the world what you’re thinking, before you think about it.”

Jim Ray: “Are there any Django or Python hackers in the room? Well we got the guy who invented Django. So [with a certain gangster pose], what?”

Jim Ray: “Every journalist in the country discovered Twitter on January 15 of this year.”

Chris Pirillo: “Does anybody still use Second Life? [A very quiet room] One person?”

Beth Goza: “You’ll see there’s a felt Sarlacc pit. Who doesn’t want one of those?”

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