Are Female Music Geeks a Trend in the Movies?

I thought I’d observed this trend in recent movies. The best way I could figure to illustrate it was with a little video. I think it’s self-explanatory:

What do you think?

As an interesting side note, I first attempted to upload this video to YouTube. I didn’t use any movie or actor-specific terms in the title, description or tags, though I did identify the video category as ‘Movies’. The video was immediately blocked because my video “may include content that is owned or licensed by these content owners: Content owner: FOX Type: Audiovisual content.” Presumably they have some fancy image recognition software running to identify the video’s content.

I’m pretty sure my usage here falls under fair use in the US, but I’m not going to bother disputing YouTube’s automated system.


  1. Incidentally, the Magic Pixie Dream Girl may be the main role Zoey Deschanel ever plays. And she’s engaged to one of the guys in Death Cab for Cute! Music geek street cred!

  2. Darren,

    I would argue that this trend has been around since the 1990s. Think of “Reality Bites”, “Singles” and “High Fidelity.” All those movies feature alternative, pop culture loving, music loving girls.

    The indie, brunette, geeky girl love interest gives me hope!!!

    1. I thought of “High Fidelity”, but couldn’t think of any of the romantic leads who were music geeks. Sara Gilbert is, but she has a pretty minor role. There’s Lisa Bonet, but she’s a musician, which I think is different.

      I can’t speak to “Reality Bites” or “Singles”–I saw them both, but don’t have very clear memories of them.

      1. The Natasha Gregson Wagner character is, but you might consider her a minor role. However, she is a brunette love interest and presents a turning point for the character

        I think that liking the same “geeky” thing is seen as one of the factors that can cinch a romance in many indie flicks.

        Also have you seen this sketch about “the hipster pod”?

  3. Amazing video, wonderful hypothesis.

    Being a brunette who wishes she were a better music geek and is certainly a pop culture geek (and having fallen in love with a boy who is a music geek), it is inspiring to think that society and the film industry is finding a beautiful woman archetype that isn’t big boobed, blond, and a bimbo.

    And also thanks to Mr. Miller for the lovely link.

    And to Alexis for pointing out that alternative, pop culture loving, music loving girls have been around for a long time. 😀

  4. When writing something that can be classified as a romantic comedy, the challenge that screenwriters have is to show that the two leads are meant to be together. An easy way to do that in recent years is to have the girl be into the same thing(s) that the guy is into. Music is an easy choice.

    What Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber did so well with (500) is that they made Gordon-Levitt’s character fall into this trap and then turned it on its ear. Well done!

    Starting with (500), I think the musician-geek trend will start to dissipate as writers attempt to buck the rom-com status quo. We’re in a quandary about what the next generation of rom-coms look like. (500) is a glimpse into the future.

  5. Nice piece, Darren. My father teaches film and I sent this along to him. I think he’ll find it very interesting.

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