Best Che Guevara T-Shirt Ever

I was walking downtown on Saturday and saw a skinny teenage boy proudly sporting this awesome t-shirt:

It immediately reminded me of The Rebel Sell–a clever spin on a tired cliche.

That photo is courtesy of blogging accordionist Joey deVilla, who spotted it in a Toronto shop back in June.


    1. You all suck! If you have the internet you should educate yourselves a little bit. Che Guevara was a revolutionary, visionary genius! Not to mention he was aso a doctor and author! Ignorant people like yourselves is why America is sooo messed up. Do some research! Ignorance is bliss!

      says shit happens too!

      1. Tell us about your research. Haha. You must really enjoy you bliss….

        You should have heard all the champagne corks that popped in Cuban-American households back in October 1967 when we got the wonderful news. Yes, our own compatriots serving proudly in the U.S. Special Forces had helped track down the murderous, cowardly and epically stupid little weasel named Che Guevara in Bolivia. Then he got a major dose of his own medicine.

      2. at there are photos of the real Dr. Che shooting unarmed people, the revolutionary Che shooting unarmed people, the visionary genius Che shooting unarmed people, and the author Che shooting unarmed people. So J. Smith, perhaps a dog dish of crap for your dinner too? Of course, Che isn’t such a good shot with the pistols anymore, another leftist with his hands out… oh I’m funny today!

  1. The Best CHE T Shirt is COMMUNISM KILLED 140 MILLION PEOPLE AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T SHIRT or the T shirt of CHe wearing a Che t shirt form onion. Also the one with a huge bullet hole in his head.
    I was against the Vietnam war until I heard Che’s quote “I want to start 10,000 Vietnam wars in South America” HOORAY SENOR RODRIQUEZ FOR BLOWING HIS HEAD OFF!!

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