No Impact Man, The Movie

A couple of years ago, over on DeSmogBlog, I wrote a guest post about No Impact Man. I quoted a New York Times article about his bold exercise:

Welcome to Walden Pond, Fifth Avenue style. Isabella’s parents, Colin Beavan, 43, a writer of historical nonfiction, and Michelle Conlin, 39, a senior writer at Business Week, are four months into a yearlong lifestyle experiment they call No Impact. Its rules are evolving, as Mr. Beavan will tell you, but to date include eating only food (organically) grown within a 250-mile radius of Manhattan; (mostly) no shopping for anything except said food; producing no trash (except compost, see above); using no paper; and, most intriguingly, using no carbon-fueled transportation.

The project is over, but there’s a forthcoming book and here’s the trailer for the inevitable documentary:

It looks like a lot of fun. Mr. Beavan is fortunate that he’s got a funny wife–she really makes the trailer sing.


  1. If they included “no breathing” it would make for a much much smaller carbon footprint and a shorter film to boot. Gimmicky gimmickness…..

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