Boring Site Note: The Long Climb of Firefox

Three years ago today, I wrote a boring post about the division of browsers that people used to access this site. I included this chart from Google Analytics:

Browser Stats for

As you can see, two-thirds of users were using Internet Explorer, and 24% were using Firefox. Here’s that same chart today (confusingly, IE is now in green and Firefox is in blue):


Things have changed. Now half of site visitors use Firefox, and only 37% are on Internet Explorer. Safari users have, in the ensuing years, climbed a whole percentage point.

Obviously this is just an anecdotal from this one site, and this site has an (ahem) rather progressive audience, but it’s indicative of trends across all of the sites to which I have access. Internet Explorer’s dominance is a thing of the past.

In case you’re wondering about those less popular browsers at the bottom of the 2009 list, I believe Travis may be responsible for many of the Camino hits. Who among you uses SeaMonkey, and why?


  1. Yeah, I’m the Camino guy.

    Oh, and you Sea Monkey guys! I totally p0wned you! 0.01% more hits and you can suck it! Wooot!


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