Children’s Choirs Singing Pop Hits

Yesterday, via Vero, I discovered a couple of charming videos featuring British chrildren’s choirs singing pop hits. First, there’s Lily Allen’s “Chinese”:

I thought it was all girls, but you can spot a few boys in the latter half of the video. And then something a little more old-school:

Of course, that immediately reminded me of the Langley Schools Music Project, which has achieved an odd sort of fame. Here’s the first part of a documentary about the project:


    1. nowhere near as good as the videos posted by Darren, above! Love the Lily Allen one especially, thanks for that.

  1. You’re only able to stomach the “children’s choir sings pop song” thing because, through geographical luck, you’ve been isolated from the horrors that the genre contains.

    Any Brit over the age of 30 still carries the mental scars:

    ( Sorry to ruin it for you 🙂 )

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