Some News About Our Book

As regular readers know, Julie and I have been working away on a business book. It’s been a long process of writing on weekends, evenings and ferry rides, but we’re getting down to the brass tacks.

I’ve got a chapter and a half left to write, but all of the other eleven chapters are complete and well on their way through the editing process. The book is scheduled to be released in the latter half of October, 2009.

Here’s what the cover is going to look like. Click for a super-size version:

Friends With Benefits Cover

Our publisher, No Starch Press, has posted a sample chapter (PDF) on their site. I’ve embedded it below:
Sample Chapter from Our Social Media Marketing Book, “Friends With Benefits” – Get more Business Documents

Glancing through that chapter, I spotted a couple of errors. The final proofreading hasn’t been completed, so no need to worry for the time being.

It’s exciting to see a bit of the book laid out, and to see it on Amazon and such. I just need to finish another 5000 words or so, and I can move on to resurrecting and re-theming our ebook site.


    1. Truth be told, it’s really just me, not Julie. As you might expect, I’m the slacker.

  1. congrats!

    BTW, I remember you had a post that discussed different cover ideas. How did you guys end up settling on the above idea?

    1. Heh, to be honest, it wasn’t really that, uh, collaborative. We submitted a few ideas to the publisher. They came back with a cover not unlike this one. We liked it, so we said go with it.

  2. Hey and I saw an article in yesterday’s Times Colonist too, great timing. Congrats!

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