LazyWeb Request: A System for Selling A La Cart Videos

I’m working on a new project that has some particular requirements. They’re not that unusual, though, and surely others have already solved this set of problems:

  • We need to sell online videos (of, say, 20 to 30 minutes in length). They’ll be viewable online, behind a some kind of password protection, or available for download as well (again, with password protection).
  • Users will choose from a menu of videos, add them to a cart, pay for them and then get access (through streamed videos, downloads or both) only to those videos.
  • Ideally this happens within our own site, or something we can tweak to look something like our own site.

No, we haven’t branched out into pornography.

I checked out some courseware systems, but they’re really about delivering structured multi-part classes. I’m also aware of E-Junkie, which is what Common Craft (among many others) use to distribute their videos. They’re a good option for downloadables, but don’t offer flash-based video for viewing only.

I’m happy to pay for a turn-key solution, assuming it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money. That’s preferable, actually, to messing around with Drupal or whatever. All suggestions welcome.

As a thanks-in-advance, here’s an awesome German pop song.


  1. Hmm, I was going to suggest e-junkie too. Sorry I don’t know of a good turnkey solution for this.

    If you don’t find one, you might be able to do a combo download + view online w/ e-junkie by using an FLV player on the e-junkie ‘thank you’ pages or something. But that probably would require some php massaging. :-/

  2. WordPress just released Videopress, which is a customization of WordPress for video-sharing. I’m sure you could quickly work up a WordPress installation that meets your needs.

  3. Impressive, FileMakerMagazine looks like it has most of what you want & is very professionally done. I’d go with that if the owner is willing to sell you the framework.

    The Plone CMS with two plugins (P4AVideo + GetPaid) would also meet your requirements, but would require customization depending on your workflow, security and the payment processor you want to use.

  4. I have bought access to medical lectures through, they provide both streaming Flash videos and downloadable quicktime videos, slick and easy to use. You can see some free Flash videos on their main site. I have no idea who supplied their code but you could email them.

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