When To Micturate at the Movies

I have a small bladder, and often get a drink at the movies. So I’m often presented with the thorny problem of when to go to the bathroom during a film. I think I’m pretty good at picking the best moment, when I’m unlikely to miss any major plot points. Of course, the better the movie, the more difficult it is to choose the right time.

Yesterday James sent me a link to RunPee.com (via Gizmodo). The site is down at the moment–too much attention?–but it apparently promises a very special kind of movie review. RunPee will tell you, as you might have guessed, when you should run to the bathroom and pee. Yet another problem solved by the internet.


  1. 🙂 They make websites for everything these days! I supose with the amount of sites out there its hard to find a niche. I would love to be the guy who thought up of that! What next? a site called “awkwardleave.com” that tells you the best time to leave your crappy girlfriend! Its madness!

  2. Fantastic! And I kinda like DaveyJ’s idea… Perhaps someone could combine the two ideas and create a site which tells you at what engrossing and dramatic plot point you should pretend to go to the bathroom, but actually make an escape from a bad date…

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