Prime Minister Demonstrates Worst Mexican Wave Ever

I spotted this Reuters photo in the Globe and Mail last week. You can just hear our Prime Minister thinking, “now is when the humans raise their hands in successive groups. I, too, shall raise my hands, to cement the illusion that I am one of them.”

Mexcian Wave

I was interested to learn that the origins of the wave are hotly debated.

UPDATE: I submitted this photo to Reddit, and was amused to read this (slightly paraphrased) exchange in the comments:

Redditer A: The lack of enthusiasm on his face makes this picture.
Redditer B: That is his enthusiastic face.

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  1. He’s been PM for how long? And yet most Canadians still don’t realize they elected an alien. I suspect you are onto him, but what will it take to wake up everyone else? Folks, this is a man who had to take lessons on How to Smile.

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