Great Bear = Saved

I’m rather late getting to this, but I wanted to express my happiness about a successful conclusion to the Save the Great Bear project. Regular readers will recall that we were helping with the online outreach for this effort to ensure that the BC government kept its promises regarding protecting the Great Bear rainforest on BC’s central coast. From the Vancouver Sun:

Agriculture and Lands Minister Ron Cantelon said the Great Bear plan is an example to the world on managing human activity while protecting biodiversity. “The war is over. Now we can move on in a positive way,” he said in an interview.

The 6.4-million-hectare area is roughly the size of Ireland. The plan sets aside 2.1 million hectares of land as parks and conservancies. Over the rest of the land, resource development, specifically logging, is to be based on ecosystem-based management.

Environmentalists say the new logging rules will require streams, grizzly bear habitat and half the old-growth timber to be protected.

I confess to being reasonably naive about the politics and backroom dealings that presumably get these deals done. Most parties seem happy with the outcome, which is, inevitably, a compromise from everybody’s initial position.

We can only accept a sliver of the credit for this result, but it’s one of my proudest moments for Capulet.

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  1. Was so great to hear about this last week. I know you personally had a lot of involvement with the Save the Great Bear project, so congrats on the victory to you and your colleagues, it was a great campaign that helped create a lot of awareness around the issue (myself included).

    And don’t worry, I’m even slower about posting the news to my blog (tomorrow!)

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