A 1929 Film of the Islands of Zavikon

A couple of years ago I wrote about the island of Zavikon, an island in the St. Lawrence River which may or may not straddle the US/Canada border. Yesterday Richard came by and left a comment and a link to a terrific little video:

I’m a descendant of the McLeans. Emilie Delphine Robb of New York granted Zavikon to Andrew McLean of Passaic, New Jersey on June 27, 1918. Andrew was a cotton goods manufacturer. He died in March 26, 1931. His property was then divided among his children. On August 22, 1931 they sold Zavikon to Philip A. Castner of Philadelphia. The Great Depression caused the McLeans to end the family’s business and sell Zavikon!

I’m always pleased when something on this site enables a little connection like this that didn’t exist before.


  1. My grandfather was Philip A Castner(1882-1943) and after his death his widow Gloria would not return to the island as it was too painful. He was the president of Hires, Castner, and Harris, a machine engineering firm in Philadelphia. The Castners have very fond memories of this lovely island and the St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately,
    a recent picture shows the grounds are all brown
    and the house needed repair. Not like the 20’s.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Mr. Castner,
      My husband and I are interested in the former Castner residence in Wynnewood, PA. Are there any photos of the original decor? It’s a beautiful house.
      Hope to hear from you.
      Nicole Katowitz

      1. Hi Nicole,
        I am delighted you like that house . I was never inside but I heard about the decor and the fountain.
        I will try and round up some pictures for you and
        email you.


      2. Hi Mr. Castner, how did the company, Hires, Castner & Harris finish in business? My grandfather worked for the company for 22 years, and I was wondering if you could tell me about the company’s work in those years.


  2. Mr. Caster, I forgot to mention that my grandfather was at Hires, Castner & Harris from 1935 to 1958.


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