For the Victoria Locals: Arts Stuff

Not exclusively for the locals, I guess, because there are some links to some fun audio. A few quick notes on events and news that has crossed my transom:

  • The SPARK Festival kicks off at the Belfry this week. I’m hoping to attend a reading of Joan MacLeod’s (man, no Wikipedia page, that’s just sad) new play “Another Home Invasion” on Monday night, and BASH’d: A Gay Rap Opera (good URL there) on Wednesday night.
  • While walking downtown the other day, I noticed a poster for the exotically-named Ndidi Onukwulu. She’s performing at Herman’s Jazz Club on March 14. I checked out her MySpace page, and quite like her music. If I was down at SXSW, I’d go for sure.
  • Theatre SKAM co-founder and former classmate Matthew Payne emailed about the stir they’re causing about funding cuts to the arts in BC. They recorded a spoofy version of a Pat Benatar Bonnie Tyler classic, entitled Total Eclipse of the Arts, and made the cover of the local newspaper earlier in the week.


  1. Um, you mean Bonnie Tyler? I see the reference to Pat Benatar in the T-C article, but the cover is of a Bonnie Tyler song, no?

  2. I’m so pleased to see that you found and approve of Ndidi! I heard her on the radio a while back, was entirely captivated and thereafter spent quite a bit of time trying to garner info on her. A difficult task since I didn’t have the spelling of her name; apparently “Indeedy” is also a valid name, who knew!

    She has a song that seems to embody the Obama spirit, and what I hope will become the spririt of out times; the refrain, if not the title is “We can get there quicker if we all work together”.

    She is also scheduled to play Vancouver on March 11th. I hope to be there.

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