An Overly Precise Sign

Warm Soda

It’s accurate, sure, but is it appetizing?

In truth, it could be more accurate, or at least more localized. “Pop” is a much more popular term for “soft drink” in Canada than “soda”. That fact comes courtesy of the very useful website Pop vs. Soda.


  1. I also like how they specify that their confections are ‘take-home’. Under no circumstances are you allowed to eat them in the store. 😛

  2. Is this the Coal Harbour Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver? I noticed that same sign. For those wondering, it distinguishes the pop sold on the shelf (2L bottles, 12-packs of cans, etc.) from the single-serving cans and bottles sold from stand-up fridges. Which would be Cold Soda. Though some of that looks to be right there too.

    1. Good point. There was cold Pepsi in that fridge, so it’s even less accurate than I first thought.

      It’s actually a Shoppers in Victoria, near the corner of Fort Street and Oak Bay Avenue.

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