Balls, Balls and Adaptive Snow Sports

Just a quick post to pimp a couple of projects for friends. First, James of Adhack infamy is running a kind of mash-up contest featuring some very flash tennis players (including Lisa, whose forehand may need work):

I particularly like the quiet “balls, balls” at the end, which is a little guest voice-acting action from Monique.

That video also stars Jay of Giant Ant Media fame. He sent me an email about some videos they created for Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports. He tells me that it’s “a really wicked program dedicated to making the mountain available to those with disabilities”. Here’s one of them:

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  1. Thanks for the pimping, DB!

    The ‘balls, balls’ at the end is a sneak preview of a bonus track we recorded called The Balls Song. It’s available for download at

    All the tracks used to make The Balls Song are available for download too. We angling to get some remixed Balls.

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