More Recommended OS X Apps

I was fortunate to get a bunch more recommendations for OS X apps from Twitter and my previous post. I’ve included most of them below. I skipped a few that seemed particularly specialized, or specific to a particular profession (for example, software developer, web designer, and so forth). Here they are:

AppTrap – Ensures that all files are removed when you uninstall software.

Boxee – From what I gather, a kind of free, open source media centre.

Calaboration – For syncing Google Calendar with iCal. I’ve tried three solutions, and this is the only one that’s worked without serious agony.

CrossOver Games – Apparently a ‘seamless’ tool for playing PC games on OS X.

DoubleCommand – A utility for remapping your keyboard. Apparently useful for using a non-Apple keyboard with OS X. I’m going to give this a try, as I want to use my big old Windows keyboard instead of the dainty one that came with my iMac.

DropBox – Storage app and syncing service for storing and sharing files. For what it’s worth, I tried this tool on OS X 10.4 and had a difficult time uninstalling it.

Evernote – Very handy research, note-taking and forget-me-not tool. I’ve never used their software, but have lately used their Firefox add-ons for research on our book.

Freedom – Turns off your network connection for eight hours, enabling you to temporarily defeat your Internet addiction so you can do actual work.

iAlertU – A car alarm for your laptop. It uses your Mac’s built-in motion sensor to trigger an alarm and snap a photo of the apparent thief with the iSite camera.

iTunes Alarm – Predictably, turns iTunes into an alarm clock.

Jumpcut – Access your clipboard’s history, and edit the contents on the fly.

LittleSnapper – Yet another screen capture app.

Little Snitch – A firewall app that can tell you what’s coming in and out of your computer’s network connection.

MacTheRipper – Extracts DVDs to video files. I used this app about a year ago, and it worked like a charm.

Mojo – Looks like a modern-day Napster or Kazza.

Popcorn – Another tool for extracting your DVDs to your computer.

Scrivener – Another app specifically built for the writer. Looks quite cool, though I wonder how a tool like this influences the kind of work you might create.

TextExpander – Saves you time by enabling you to create customized keyboard shortcuts for commonly-used phrases.

Transmission – A pretty terrific BitTorrent client that I’ve used on occasion.

TrueCrypt – “Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.”

Thanks to Aaron, Masey, Newley, Rebecca, Darren, Chris, Mike, Ross, Kerry, Peter and Brian for the suggestions.


  1. One website I always keep in my back pocket is On the flip side, and only since I work in the Microsoft-strapped corporate world, Good starting point that is updated on a somewhat usual basis.

  2. With your growing list of ‘essential apps’ you might consider installing AppFresh. It uses various ways to see if there are any updates for any of your applications. It’s free and updated constantly.

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