Battery Operated Drinking Roulette?

I was on the SkyTrain yesterday and snapped a photo of this box. The box’s owner was drinking one of those energy drinks in a tall boy can, so at first I assumed this was a box of beer. Then I looked closer (click for super-sizing):

Battery Operated Drinking Roulette

Here’s something a little surprising: when do I a search for the exact phrase “Battery Operated Drinking Roulette”, I get zero results (well, until this blog post gets indexed). For a non-exact search, this London Drugs page (a steal at $19.99) is the first result. Here’s what the thing looks like (sorry, that’s as big a photo as I could find):

I’m a little unclear on how it works–any guesses (or, you know, experience with roulette-enabled drinking)?


  1. Looks pretty straightforward; each shotglass represents a different 1/6th of the numbers on the wheel. If the ball lands on a number in your range (the numbers on a roulette wheel are not sequential) then you drink! Alternatively, half the table of drinkers could be “red,” the rest black, and half drink every spin.

    The only question mark I have is why the batteries? Maybe it plays sounds or lights up, but the wheel is almost certainly manually spun, yes?

  2. One of my favorite things about public transit is checking out the crazy things other passengers bring with them.

  3. It reveals a somewhat ironic form of self-efficacy to identify the drinking roulette as a desirable good, planfully locate a roulette purveyor, and schlep the ridiculous product home on public transportation.

  4. I played this game on Saturday. My buddy said he got it at London Drugs. You can leave one ball in the glass dome, or two if you prefer. You hold the button to let a motor spin up the wheel. The longer you hold it, the faster it spins. It worked great, and I want one, but it looks like they’re sold out!

  5. hey guys quick question i got this game for xmas and i put new battery s in it an she wont fire up any sedgestions?

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