All There is To Say on the Sundin Signing

I know I’m late to this ballgame, but I just saw this and it struck me as pretty amusing:

This isn’t the first of these remixes that I’ve seen using this snippet from the exceptionally good German film Der Untergang. Is there a Hitler video generator out there on the web somewhere?


  1. I saw this youtube thing a while back and thought it was HILARIOUS. But then I saw the “The Downfall” (which was amazing) and am now offended by these little Hitler videos. Weird, eh?

  2. That’s pretty good, even if I am a Canucks fan (and not happy about the Sundin thing…didn’t we learn from Messier? lol). Although I think the Bernier crack seems a little unfair now, after last nights game lol. Funny that he would score two goals in Sundins first game and Mats wouldn’t do a useful thing.

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