Client Pluggage: Contests For One and All

As it happens, we’re running not one, not two but three contests (or, rather two contests and a survey) for clients at the moment. Let me run them down, in case they’re of interest:

  1. Jiibe Connection – This is a fun video project for Jiibe, kind of eHarmony (or Lavalife, if you prefer) for jobs. It’s hosted on Strutta’s new contest platform, and Giant Ant Media made one of the videos. Watch the job seeker’s video, then each of the employer videos, and match the seeker with the appropriate employer. All of the employers are from Vancouver companies–you might recognize them. One participant will win an iPod Nano.
  2. Bear Your Soul – We’re running a photo contest in a Flickr group for the Save the Great Bear project. It’s easy to enter, and there are tons (well, twelve) of great prizes.
  3. DreamBank’s Giving and Getting Survey – An 11-question survey about your gift giving and receiving practices. Again, there’s an iPod Nano up for grabs, or an equivalent donation to your DreamBank dream.


  1. Whatever the prize, we’re pleased as punch to team up with you guys on the Jiibe promo.

    It has been an absolute joy from start to finish.

  2. Ummm, job-search site with hearts all over and videos of women==unsafe.

    Actual conversation: “honestly, honey, I’m just trying to win an iPod ’cause I know you want one for Christmas. Yes it is a legitimate site (I think). Yes, I do have to watch videos of women describing what they want in order to enter.”

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